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Speech Processing

Speech processing is the study of processing methods and speech signals. The signals are generally handled in a digital representation, so speech processing can be observed as a special case of digital signal processing, applied to speech signals. Aspects of speech processing include the acquisition, manipulation, storage, transfer, and output of speech signals. Speech processing methods are used for coding of speech signals, spoken linguistic dialog systems, text-to- speech production, and automatic speech recognition. Information like gender, age, pitch etc. can also be extracted from speech. It is also known as voice recognition. It is mainly help fulfill for the speech-to- text conversion. There are various Artificial Intelligence organizations which are working on the speech processing.

Voice recognition is a hardware device or computer program with the ability to decipher the human voice. Commonly, Voice recognition is used to control a device, achieve commands, or write without having to use a, mouse, keyboard or press any buttons. But in present time, this is done on a computer with automatic speech recognition (ASR) software programs. Many ASR programs need the user to "train" the ASR program to identify their voice so that it can more accurately convert the speech to text. For example, you could say "open Internet" and the computer would open the Internet browser.

Nowadays, speech recognition is measured as one of the unsettling technologies that make huge influence on various sectors such as insurance, banking, retail and manufacturing industries. According to reports from Markets and Markets by the year 2019, It is estimated that value of speech analytics is estimated to grow USD $456 million in 2014 to 1.33 billion in the market.

As we know India is an agrarian country, where 70% of the country’s population is from agriculture background. Thus, speech technology plays a vital role through user friendly speech solutions to rural farmers. Their problem can be easily solved using Artificial Intelligence services.

Speech recognition is one of the most demanding technology and growing rapidly. Speech recognition services permits human-like discussions with machines and can attain very high accuracy levels with suitable fine tuning about vernacular features. Every single thing you say into one of these systems is recorded forever and used as training data for future versions of speech recognition algorithms.

Features of Speech processing are as follow:

  • Speaker verification
  • Speech identification on the basis of mood
  • Interactive voice response systems
  • Train reservation systems.
  • Automation of operator services
  • Voice navigation of a desktop
  • Call center automation
  • Speech emotion recognition in intelligent household robots
  • Speech to text Conversions

Today voice recognition is used in various fields with its improved version. It is being applied in. Below are some good examples of where you might meet voice recognition.

1. Siri: Siri is the best example of voice recognition. It helps answer questions on Apple devices.

2. Automated Phone systems:Today many enterprises use phone systems that assistance directly the caller to the correct department. If you have ever been asked something like "Say or press number 0 for support" and you say "0," you used voice recognition.

3. Google Voice: Google voice is a facility that permits you to examine and ask queries on your computer, phone and tablets.

4. Car Bluetooth: Bluetooth or Hands free phone pairing in cars, you can use voice recognition to make instruct such as "call my mom” to make calls without taking your eyes off the road.