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Ph.D. Research Work Plan

  • Research Proposal Development
  • Topic Selection
  • Introduction
  • Research & Analysis
  • Development Process
  • Future Implementation
  • Synopsis Preparation
  • Research Proposal Development

1. Research Proposal Development

The research proposal is a specific kind of writing of document for a specific purpose. In general, Research involves a series of actions and therefore it presents all actions in a systematic and scientific way. In this way, it is a blueprint of the study, which simply outlines the steps that the researcher undertake during the conduct of his/her study. Another key point, the proposal is a tentative plan. so that the researcher has every right to modify his proposal on the basis of own reading, discussion and experiences gathered during the process of research. Even with this relaxation available to the researcher, writing of the research proposal is a must for the researcher.

2. Topic Selection

We offer the latest titles from the research forums for the customers to easily choose their research titles. Including proper explanation to the customers after selection of the titles. Thus, the customers can get the explanations for many research papers and presentations for their best level satisfaction.

Firstly, Selecting a suitable topic and stating the topic, is the initial step in the research process. Selecting a suitable topic to require a clear research question and current significance. Researcher gets research questions from many different places such as from existing theory, previous research, practical experiences, personal interest, etc. A vast reading is always helpful in generating a good research question. So that, it is always a good idea to generate all possible research questions and then choose the best one.

3. Introduction

The researchers give the initial explanation about the papers, as the problem statements given as an abstract from the research organization. As well as the client can understand the problem of his/her research and also the solution is given at the instant only, after clear explanation.

Writing a good introduction to tell what the body of paper says is the first thing we focus on. We keep in mind to include following introductory sections:

A statement of the goal of the paper. Sufficient background information to allow the reader to understand the context of the problem. Acknowledgment of the previous work on which your thesis is based on. Explanation of the scope of work. Mention what is included and what is not.

4. Research & Analysis

After selection of the topics by the clients, our researchers start the research process. By the same token, they understand the problem specifications in the paper and find the appropriate programmatic solution for the problem.

Our preliminary researches have helped the clients to the focused and manageable topic for your research paper. To work with the topic successfully, you will need to determine what do you want to learn about it. Before conducting the in-depth research, we will define a research question, a working thesis, and research proposal.

5. Development Process

As a matter of fact, Development is carried out in the appropriate programming languages to find the solutions for the problem specified. Based on the complexity of the problems, the tasks are allocated to an individual or as a team process. Markedly, Our developers initially analyze the problem and analyze the developmental languages such as JAVA, DOTNET, MATLAB, and VLSI.

6. Future Implementation

Important to realize, Our future implementation is to overcome the drawbacks such as security issues, insufficient memories, system configurations. Also the weakness of the algorithm and system speed in the development process.

7. Synopsis Preparation

Next, Synopsis preparation by the experts who are well versed in the language. in addition, they collect the reference thesis and synopses done previously based on the problems specified. The development flow for solving the problem given by the developers.

The language experts analyze the flow and they convert the diagrammatic process into the user-friendly language. The explanation of the algorithm specified in the development of the process explained by the developers.

8. Research Proposal Development

We keep Following points in mind while writing a proposal:

  • Your main thesis or the research question: Explanation about what your exploration is all about and what you are trying to achieve.
  • The originality of thesis: Give the assessment of the current literature and try to explain how original your project is. We try to give an explanation of what contributed to the general theoretical field you are going to bring through your specific research.
  • What is the theoretical view that will inform your research? Explain how you locate yourself in the theoretical field and what conceptual tools and investigations will inform your research.
  • Help to explain how you will develop your thesis. Give a clear explanation of your theoretical and methodological approach to the development of your main thesis.
  • Proofreading for betterment: A Ph.D. proposal needs grammatical corrections. We follow the best practices for proofreading the Ph.D. proposals:

    • Reading the proposal over and over again to identify the mistakes.
    • Proofreading multiple times for better outcomes.
    • Taking assistance of professional proofreading services.