We create exceptional AI solutions for all your enterprise needs.

We share creative ways to solve the resource constraints like doing research in small teams, getting the large datasets and competing with the tech giants.

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Serving businesses by implementing AI

Whatever your business nature, ordinary or difficult,we will be happy to serve you. Tell us your business plan and get assistance from our experts for Machine Learning Services and Artificial Intelligence Consulting.

  • Improving Business Analytics
  • Customized AI solutions
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Areas of Expertise

artificial intelligence
Arrtificial intelligence
deep learning
Deep Learning
machine learning
Machine Learning
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Use Cases

E-commerce Recommender

Training machine learning models to recognize apparels and fashion accessories in the images for E commerce platforms.

Damage Detection

Identification of degree of damage in the vehicles useful for the insurance sector. We train ML models to detect degree of damage.

Drone and Robot Training

We train robots and drones for smart survellience. This makes them able to identify a number objects, obstacles and people.

Object Tracking

Our annotation tools are used to train self driving cars, predicting models for the cars, pedestrians and other obstacles.

Irregular shape detection

We train models to detect logos, street signs, signals and sentiment analysis for facial feature recognition and identification

Semantic Segmentation

Widely applicable in autonomous vehicles and safety survellience cameras where pixelwise information is critical.

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Our Solution

Artificial intelligence

We build more intelligent solutions than you think

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are powerful are every aspect of Industry these days. Similarly, Chatbots are a fairly new concept, but their popularity exponentially grows each passing day. We deliver Artificial Intelligence Services to Corporations for developing a range of AI Solutions that can study and think same like human using, Speech Recognition, Text Analysis.

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artificial intelligence
business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Committed to delivering exceptional BI solutions

In an information sector, poor quality data and exponential amount of Information become a challenge. Most of industries are choosing business intelligence system to avoid these problems and to make their data worth and meaningful. Research Infinite Solutions offers Data Reporting, Analytics, management, maintenance and Support Apart from it, Business Intelligence road map, Data analytics, data mining,

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Our Offering Distribution

  • 20% Natural Language Processing
  • 20% Prediction Systems
  • 30% Annotation Services
  • 15% Recommender Engines
  • 15% Others ( Chatbots, Image processing, data analytics etc.)


Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Our machine learning offerings helps organizations to create custom solutions that can process high volume of data and run algorithms that can perform a task by themselves.

deep learning
Deep Learning
Deep Learning

We help business analysts and to build and train AI models that work with structured, semistructured and unstructured data.


Python is a high level programming script language which emphasizes code readability allows control of one or more software applications.


We develop NLP solutions which are essential for many business functions from sentiment analysis to chatbots and question answering system to BI and analytics.

Frequency Asked Questions

  • What Research Infinite Solutions can do for your Business?

    Research Infinite is an AI and machine learning company in the United Kingdom (UK). We can offer end to end service for your business. We identify your business needs and how your data can help you to achieve it and what return you can have on your investment.

  • How Research Infinite Solutions is different from other AI companies?

    We provide our customers with a fully managed service to support every stage of their journey. From implementing and onboarding our AI system to monitoring and evaluating the results, we will be with you in every step of the way to success.

  • How secure is my data with Research Infinite Solutions?

    Our platform is designed revolving around the security at its core and protect your data througout your time with us.

  • What’s included in the service?

    The core solution for your business, fully implemented and deployed in your system. We are the best artificial intelligence company which also include detailed insights and reporting from our expert team.

  • How can you talk to us?

    Starting a conversation is easy. Drop us an email at info@researchinfinitesolutions.com and we will get back to you to discuss your business solution.